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VERBAL JUDO is a tactical communication training course. The late Dr. George J. Thompson Ph.D. was the President and Founder of the Verbal Judo Institute until he passed in 2011.

He had applied his diverse experience, including ten years as an English Professor, as well as five years as a police officer, to create an internationally recognized training program in Tactical Communication.

The principles and tactics taught enable graduates to use "Presence and Words" to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences, redirect the behavior of hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome of the encounter.

Since 1981, The Verbal Judo Institute has provided Tactical Communication training on four continents in three languages. Over 1,000,000 graduates have become "Contact Professionals"

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Parkview Health is hosting a Verbal Judo Trainer Certification & Re-certification program session in Fort Wayne, IN October 3 - October 7, 2016

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Joel Francis   JOEL FRANCIS, National Director U.S.

Joel possesses extensive experience in adult training and education. He served for 20 years with the New York Police Department, and was the Commanding Officer for their Verbal Judo Training Unit. He was also the lead lecturer for the NYPD Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect Program, and has trained officers in Interacting Effectively with the Ridership/Public, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms Safety and Proficiency.

After retiring from the NYPD, Joel served for 2 years as the Chief of Education and Training for the Baltimore Police Department where he successfully instituted a Uniformed Sensitivity in Action (USA) program, which incorporated civilians into the annual in-service training process by generating dialogue on such sensitive issues as racial profiling, police profiling, and how negative interactions with law enforcement affect children. He served as an adjunct Professor at John Jay College where he taught a course entitled Police Supervision in a Multiracial and Multicultural City and also taught Speech at Monroe College.

Joel is National Director U.S. for the Verbal Judo Institute. He holds a Masters of Science in Management, and has conducted seminars for law enforcement, security, educational institutions, customer service representatives, government agencies, hospitals, and private corporations throughout the United States. As an avid martial artist, he brings the martial arts philosophy and dynamic energy into every classroom to present a powerfully informative program.


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